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Congress of the Russian Society of Radiologists and Radiologists


The congress of the Russian Society of Radiologists was held in St. Petersburg city from 8th-10th November 2023. APOLLO RT participated with their Russian exclusive distributor Mirecon Ltd. This radiology congress is one of the key radiologists congress in Russia which share platform for radiology professional's to share their knowledge in radiology diagnostics field , as well as great platform for medical device industry professionals to demonstrate their new innovative technology products .


This congress covered almost all sections of the specialty "radiation diagnostics" – radiology with CT and MRI, radiology, ultrasound diagnostics, contrast media injector since modern diagnostics is multimodal in nature. The forum was attended by domestic and foreign scientists, leading specialists in radiation diagnostics.


During the congress Mirecon/APOLLO RT booth was visited by many key opinion leaders of Russia radiology  industry , existing users as well as potential radiologists who are interested in Apollo RT products.Overall it was fruitful congress for Apollo RT and Mirecon .

Congress of the Russian Society of Radiologists and Radiologists
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