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 Working Together for a Shared Future 2020 (June)

Strategic cooperation between APOLLO RT & AMS


Business collaborations are a great way to expand business and basis this APOLLO RT Co., Ltd.  has joined hands with M/S Anita Medical Systems Pvt Ltd for India business territory .They have a rich experience of over 36 years in the field of Radiology and Imaging business dealing with leading companies in this field. 

AMSPL Map.jpg

Mr Rajesh Bhatli - CEO (Anita Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.) & Mr. Rajdeep Mishra - Regional Business Manager - South Asia (APOLLO RT Co., Ltd.)

Anita Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. has a direct service engineer strength of 40 engineers and including franchise the total strength is of 50 engineers. AMS Head office is in Mumbai and Branch office is in New Delhi and franchise / Sub dealer offices are in Chandigarh, Kolkata, Lucknow and Chennai.


APOLLO RT Co., Ltd. is the only company in India with such a big bandwidth of engineers across the country and a full fledged captive R&D team in India. We believe in the fact that servicing is the most important indicator in our line of business and servicing on time to our OEM's and customers is the key to success of an organization in the long run hence APOLLO RT has taken strategically the right step towards joining hands with AMS in India as a long term player to win the confidence of the OEM's and its esteemed customers.

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