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Scientific Surgical – GE Innovation Centre Partnership


The future is promising for Apollo RT product in Southern Africa & Africa. With continued growth in Africa, delivering healthcare to key African markets is a challenge that puts Scientific Surgical at the forefront of a quality brand offering, aiming to capture, service and support the need of developing markets in the region.

Scientific Surgical has continued to grow their relationship with GE and Medhold in Southern Africa and Africa to further expand their offering in Radiology to new emerging African markets as well as developing markets in the region. The partnership aim to enhance and strengthen the relationship with GE & Medhold striving for confidence in the Apollo RT brand as reliable, quality and affordable. With year on year growth in the contrast media injector market, Apollo RT and Scientific Surgical have aggressively gained traction increasing their African footprint. Key partnerships in the area such as the GE/Medhold partnership have aided establishing Apollo RT contrast injector as a quality, reliable brand in Africa.

Scientific Surgical

GE Innovation Centre Partnership

GE Innovation Centre & The Future


The GE innovation Centre is the perfect opportunity for Scientific Surgical and Apollo RT to allow prospective customers as well as existing customers a hand on experience with Apollo RT contrast Media Injectors. The centre and partnership provides a platform for Radiologist, Radiogrpaher and peripheral staff to get a hand on experience with Apollo RT injectors. This provides the ultimate confidence or prospective customers to make key decisions around their purchasing requirements.  


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